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GLOW FLOW is a combination of 7 healing oils that reverse aging, dryness, blemishes, lines and unevenness. All body oils and skin care creams are shea butter based. Our famous vanilla bean sugar scrub has actually vanilla bean in it and it smells wonderful. Glow Flow can be used under or over your favorite sunscreen...for a perfectly tanned glow.


Our luxurious body oil, GLOW FLOW (miracle in a bottle)  is the only moisturizer you'll ever need to maintain healthy glowing skin from head to toe.


The all natural oil is a blend of natural astringents and healing oils that tighten skin, even outs dark spots, eliminates dry patches and knocks out stretch marks and even combats cellulite.

People with eczema have experienced dramatic results and scars diminish with daily use.

Helping You to Feel Beautiful

Lily Rose was its creator personal skin care secret until she was compelled to create a line for everyone. Her beautiful and flawless skin has caused many to stop and ask "What do you put on your skin? Its beautiful!" Dana Lena' answered with sharing Lily Rose with the world.


Bearded Kings is a division of our line tailored for the man with discriminating taste. Our Beard Balm, Beard Oil and Moustache wax is made from all natural ingredients.  

Dana Lena' has created a recipe that will keep your beard tight and right.  Our unique blend is specially formulated for your beard and the skin underneath to reduce itchy and flaky skin, promote thicker and faster hair growth, tame flyaway hairs, repair split ends, and make your hair softer to the touch. Our oils will leave your beard looking and feeling healthier. The ladies will love it....a lady created it.

Lily Rose Tune!

Created by Evan the Producer.